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About Ruth Doron Designs

Ruth Doron, Designer and owner, graduated from "Shenkar School of Design" in Israel.


RDD (Ruth Doron Designs) is one of the leading jewelry designers and producers in Israel.

RDD specializes in hand crafted jewelry made of precious metals (mostly silver) featuring pearls and semi precious stones.

Ruth is still very involved in designing and quality control. The company was founded in 2001. It is located in the north part of the Holy Land, not far from Nazareth and Mt. Tabor.

Ruthie's style is famous and characterized by its delicate and artistic style. Her inspiration comes from the rustic scenes in our area, as well as by modern trends of actual fashion.

RDD exports more than 90% of its production. Our main markets are USA and Canada.

RDD offers an extensive assortment of beautiful fashion and fashionable basic designs.  Our collection of rings is especially strong, with the Spinning Rings and Stack Rings being among our best sellers.

RDD specializes in jewelry for women of all walks of life.

Our philosophy is, to allow each woman to purchase a respectable and valuable piece of jewelry, at an affordable cost. Many women like to wear valuable jewelry, but can not afford to buy gold jewelry, especially since the price of gold has climbed so high. Silver is also a precious metal. Silver prices have also risen greatly in the last few years, yet, a customer can purchase an item made of silver jewelry at tens or hundreds of dollars. 

Mechanical Engineer Gilad Doron, Ruthie's son, is the technical manager. Gilad is a very skilled goldsmith, combining traditional techniques with CAD (computerized) designing.

RDD designs new items all the time.  We would like to thank our customers, who through their unique requests, inspire new ideas for our designs.

We wish to express our appreciation of the devotion of our customers all over the world.  We are sensitive to their needs and try to answer all their requests as quickly as possible.

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